Derek Gates - Broker

Banker/Landlord to Real Estate Broker'

#1 Reason to call me if you are buying or selling, I'm great to work with and I return phone calls!

With 18 years of banking experience, I transitioned successfully to a prominent role in real estate. Formerly a branch manager at US Bank and C1st Credit Union, and most recently the Vice President of Residential Mortgage at First State Bank, I offer extensive financial expertise to clients.

My professional journey showcases a strategic mindset, keen opportunities' sense, and success in navigating both financial and real estate markets. Starting as an real estate investor, I developed skills in market analysis and sound financial decision-making, earning recognition as a shrewd investor.

Recognizing synergy between banking and investment, I transitioned to become a real estate broker. Leveraging market insights and investment strategies, I emerged as a trusted advisor for clients seeking homes and strategic real estate investments.

As a real estate broker, I seamlessly integrate financial acumen with a deep understanding of the property market. Committed to providing personalized guidance, my approach is characterized by transparency, integrity, and dedication to achieving optimal results.

I look forwarding to working for you!